About Endpoint Systems

We started this business with a simple concept: how can we bring open-source Unix and Linux solutions to Windows and .NET customers?

Back in 2007, we were a systems integrator with a focus on builing APIs and services using the Microsoft BizTalk platform, and .NET was starting to mature as a solid development platform. But what it didn't have was the mature open source community of tools and platforms the other, non-Windows products did.

So we set out to integrate the tools.

In doing this we started with the Oracle Berkeley DB family of products, one of the most powerful open source embedded database engines on the market (even today!) and one of the original database engines for MySQL, the FaST search engine (now Bing), the Yammer platform, and others.

Over time and experience, we've grown past our initial scope.

  • We've added cloud services to help customers leverage the scale and mind-boggling innovation cloud platform vendors bring to the table.
  • We're helping customers move into the Linux platform with .NET Core. We're integrating .NET Core with Linux so customers can use native, cross-platform products Berkeley DB in their apps and services, and helping them reduce their dependency to relational database servers.
  • We've mastered the art of HIPAA compliance so we can sign BAAs with customers and help them innovate while keeping their data safe and secure - and help them with compliance.
  • We've always offered BizTalk hosting for our customers, but with cloud platforms maturing, we can offer a much wider range of hosting options and services.

We're also proud members of the Palm Beach Tech community!

Endpoint Systems