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Curated Cloud Consulting™

Endpoint Systems takes a unique approach to cloud migration, using our world-famous Vendor Blender to create a curated solution uniquely optimized to your business.

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Berkeley DB for .NET Core

Delete Your Database Server!

A database server is overkill for most websites and APIs. So we've taken Berkeley DB - the ubiquitous cross-language, cross-platform, embedded database engine on the Unix and Linux platforms - and made it available to .NET Core developers.

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Partners in (HIPAA) Compliance

We take your data security seriously, so to prove that we maintain HIPAA compliance. We can also show you how to maintain HIPAA compliance in the cloud, or using cloud platforms in your on-premise environment.

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  • Cloud Migration
  • Project Staffing/Project Management
  • Oracle licensing
  • HIPAA compliance consulting and certification
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Running ASP.NET Core Apps in Google App Engine with Azure AD B2C

1/27/2019 We learn to configure our app and overcome the dreaded AADB2C90006 issue to run our ASP.NET Core application in Google App Engine. Read More


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