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Endpoint Systems is a systems integrator, software products and services company wholly dedicated to all things related to the endpoint - from web applications to APIs and cloud services - anything you can find at the end of a URL. We can help you get what you need and where you need it most.


We can assist with your cloud migration to Microsoft Azure or Google's cloud platform. Endpoint Systems can monitor, host or support your BizTalk platform applications and help you save money on staffing and other costly resources. We can also help you build APIs that help you connect with customers or partners.

Random [End]points:

Introducing Nancy.OWin.Security.B2C
1/16/2018 We've released a NuGet package to simplify OpenID security against Azure AD B2C for Nancy OWin projects. Read More


Find out about industry updates, and how Endpoint Systems can help you modernize your systems and solutions.

Endpoint Systems offers

Consulting, hosting, support cloud migration solutions for your organization

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Berkeley DB for .NET Core

Oracle Berkeley DB for .NET Core

Berkeley DB - the ubiquitous high-performance embedded database engine for the Unix and Linux platforms and used for solutions from RPM to Yammer - is now available to .NET Core developers interested in building high performance, highly available apps across the Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms.

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Figaro Database

Endpoint Systems has partnered with Oracle to create Figaro, the embedded, native XML database for the Microsoft .NET Framework that provides real document storage for .NET developers.

Figaro: Real Document Storage

HIPAA Consulting and Compliance Services

Endpoint Systems is a HIPAA-compliant software vendor that can help you built software that meets government security standards around the security, privacy, and integrity of sensitive health care data.

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