HIPAA Compliance

Endpoint Systems is HIPAA compliant.

Don't let hidden bad decisions ruin your business.

HIPAA compliance means many things to many people.

To developers, compliance can mean encryption-at-rest, HTTPS certificates, and multi-factor authentication. In fact, for many developers unfamiliar with the ins and outs of HIPAA, that's all they might focus on - if you're lucky.

For business and project managers, it can mean complex requirements, project delays, and distracting audits. Some managers may only look as far as the "paperwork shuffling" aspects of HIPAA compliance, and miss the big picture as well.

But when it comes to government agencies, it means billions in collected penalties when your developers miss something or when your managers cut corners. High-profile data breaches across financial and other industries only raises the stakes for those already under regulation. New regulations and clarifications are added to the laws every year.

Are your teams on top of it?

We're here to help you remain HIPAA compliant by offering our deep understanding of HIPAA in order to offer help ensuring your business is compliant at the ground-level and up. Because we also maintain our own compliance, we're able to offer all of our services through a BAA-compliant vendor, so you can pass off some of the work and help get things done faster.

HIPAA Compliance Consulting

With a laser focus on compliance, we'll walk your business through the rules regarding Privacy, Compliance and Enforcement, and Security, and Breach Notification procedures.

Customers can pick from a host of other compliance activities, including:

  • Code Reviews and Security Testing - have someone take an objective look at the work created by your development team and review based on security and compliance requirements.
  • Test Data Generation - generate test data for your application and use for testing vulnerabilities
  • Monitoring and Port Scanning - have someone keep a close eye on your publicly exposed endpoints
  • Rights Management - configure and implement your RMS deployments to make sure employees aren't leaking any data through email, documents, or other means.
HIPAA Compliant Consulting and Hosting Services

As a compliant Business Associate, Endpoint Systems can perform consulting, hosting and other services as required while keeping your data compliant and safe.