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MySQL 8.0 Enterprise Hosting

Endpoint Systems is pleased to offer managed hosting of MySQL 8.0 Enterprise. You tell us how you want it configured, we'll deploy it into Oracle Cloud and manage licensing and support for you. We'll give you a highly-available, three-server database cluster running MySQL 8.0 Enterprise, configured with all of the enterprise features (MySQL Firewall, Enterprise Monitor, Enterprise Audit, scalability and security settings) starting at $1500 per month. Contact us for more details and for a custom quote.

MySQLUpgrade Website

Figaro - Oracle Berkeley DB XML for the .NET Framework

Figaro is a .NET Framework library that uses C++/CLI to create a high-performance integration layer to the Oracle Berkeley DB XML database engine, one of the highest ranked native XML data storage engines according to DBEngines.

Figaro Product Website

BerkeleyDB.Core - Oracle Berkeley DB for Microsoft .NET Core

Berkeley DB, one of the most ubiquitous database engines on the Unix platform, has been the database driver for MySQL (eventually dropped in favor of InnoDB), Yammer, and the Red Hat Package Manager, is now a development option for the Microsoft .NET developer ecosystem.

Berkeley DB is an Open Source embedded database library that provides scalable, high-performance, transaction-protected data management services to applications. Berkeley DB provides a simple function-call API for data access and management.

Berkeley DB is "embedded" because it links directly into the application. It runs in the same address space as the application. As a result, no inter-process communication, either over the network or between processes on the same machine, is required for database operations. Berkeley DB provides a simple function-call API for a number of programming languages, including C, C++, Java, Perl, Tcl, Python, PHP, and with the Endpoint Systems family of support libraries, the .NET Framework. BerkeleyDB.Core allows .NET developers leverage the Oracle Berkeley DB embedded database engine on Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms using the .NET Core framework.

Currently this product is only available as an alpha release for the Linux platform, with an estimated release date of May 2017. If you're interested in learning more about testing and licensing, please contact Endpoint Systems for more information.