BizTalk Support and Hosting

Endpoint Systems supports BizTalk

Don't let BizTalk's shrinking talent pool leave your business high and dry!

Microsoft has made two things clear with the BizTalk platform:

  1. It's not going away, but...
  2. There are plenty of feature-rich integration products you can choose to migrate into.

For most customers, BizTalk is a critical platform for their business. But how do your developers feel about it?

IT staff is always under constant pressure to keep their skills competitive. On the Microsoft platforms, this means developers need to focus more on the ever-growing Azure cloud, and less on the "legacy" platforms that your business depend on. This is a recipe for a talent shortage that can leave your business short-handed.

Endpoint Systems maintains its own scalabe talent pool with deep BizTalk experience across the healthcare, financial, manufacturing, and other industries. Some of our offerings include:

  • BizTalk MonitoringWe'll monitor your BizTalk servers and application tracking logs, setting up action plans for alerts and issues.
  • BizTalk Migration and Upgrade ServicesWhether you want to upgrade your platform to the current BizTalk version, or you want to explore options to migrate away from BizTalk altogether, we'll help you explore your options and ensure a smooth transition.
  • Application Development and MaintenanceRequirements change and issues come up. We'll make sure your needs are addressed with flexible maintenance and implementation plans.
  • BizTalk Health CheckOne careless configuration change can ruin platform performance, eat resources and create instability to one of the most stable integration platforms on the market. We'll scan your system for potential trouble and give you a report on our findings.
  • BizTalk HostingWe'll migrate your BizTalk applications into a hybrid Azure environment custom tailored to your infrastructure and business needs, and make sure everything stays running.

BizTalk talent is was hard to find until you found us. Save money, time and headaches by outsourcing your BizTalk integration needs to Endpoint Systems!

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