Announcing MySQLUpgrade


Announcing MySQLUpgrade

We've built a product landing site to discuss the value behind upgrading to MySQL 8 Enterprise.

We're very pleased to announce the release of MySQLUpgrade, a product landing page we've built for MySQL 8 - and MySQL Enterprise. The purpose of the site is pretty straightforward - MySQL 8 Enterprise is one of the most powerful (and affordable) enterprise database platforms on the market today. There are literally too many great features and topics to mention on our MySQL services page that we decided to give it its own site.

Some of the best features of MySQL 8 Enterprise that people don't know about:

  • Its low price - Oracle MySQL is up to 90+% cheaper than SQL Server Enterprise licensing in most cases
  • The lifetime product support which includes hands-on assistance by MySQL Engineers at no additional cost
  • Document Storage which allows you to store JSON documents (up to 1 GB in size) as a collection in the same database as your relational data
  • Backup Options that include hot & warm, incremental and differential backups
  • A SQL Firewall you can train to accept/reject SQL statements
  • Built-in audits of user activity to an XML or JSON file that can be exported to other monitoring platforms

And those are just some of the Enterprise features; the MySQL 8 InnoDB engine performance has been tweaked to almost 2x that of the latest MySQL 5 version, with a ton of performance tweaks and enhancements happening all across the board. MySQL 8 marks one of the most cloud-friendly releases as well; Oracle has made no restriction on where MySQL Enterprise is run, allowing you to deploy to the cloud vendor of your choice - while offering incentives and discounts to Oracle Partners (wink, wink!) to get customers to consider their own competitively-priced cloud platform.

We also put up an article discussing the release and why we built the site on LinkedIn - check it out!

We'll be posting more articles on the site to discuss features, compare MySQL Enterprise to the cloud offerings, and more. If you're interested in learning what it would cost your company to upgrade and/or use Oracle Cloud to host your MySQL Enterprise environment, let us know and we'll get a quote out to you within one business day.

Looking for help upgrading MySQL? Contact us for a quote - not only is it free, but we can help you find what you're looking for at a better price than most consulting firms!