May 2018 Product Updates


May 2018 Product Updates

An update on the Berkeley DB Core product release.

is writing, we have the site up and running, with exactly one NuGet package there. You're welcome to take it for a test run, but keep in mind it's listed as a beta for a reason - we're also working on testing it ourselves. (done-ish)

  • Berkeley DB for .NET Core is going to get its own product page, with space for Berkeley DB, Berkeley DB XML, and Figaro. (in progress)
  • The Berkeley DB product documentation is getting rewritten to specifically target .NET developers, with examples provided in C#. You can track our progress for this on GitHub at our BerkeleyDB.Core.Examples site. The current documentation is stored in a private Git repository, but once the initial version is completed, it will also move into our GitHub account. We may post updates before our final release at the Figaro documentation portal over at - so feel free to check in every once in a while and see what we've got. (in progress)

If you have any questions, concerns, or are interested in learning more about using Berkeley DB in your .NET or mobile apps, please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions - we'll be happy to help!

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