Building .NET Web Apps with Google Firestore


Building .NET Web Apps with Google Firestore

Building ASP.NET Core web applications using Google Firestore as a database back end

Google Cloud Firestore]( is easily one of the most developer-friendly (and small-site friendly) NoSQL data platform choices for building web applications out there.

Tonight we released our initial version of what we're calling the EPSWeb.Common.Firestore NuGet package (GitHub link here). The gist of it is fairly straightforward -- build data objects (and unit-tested repositories) for getting objects common to web apps stored in Firestore.

One important thing to note is that these repositories are 'as-is' - in other words, they're strictly for getting data in and out of Firestore. There's no (highly recommended) caching or anything else implemented here. Your best bet is to use these inside a 'wrapper' repo that implements all of the application-specific requirements you may have (like caching!).


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