Introducing the B2C CLI


Introducing the B2C CLI

We built a quick and dirty console application for adding users to an Azure AD B2C Graph directory.

When testing an application that uses an Azure AD B2C instance, one of the most frustrating and annoying experiences you may run into is trying to get a test user into the system so you can do simple user testing. All you have at your disposal is some expiring documentation, an old repository, and that's about it.

So we took the code and the recommendations and built a quick and dirty console application that adds test users to the Azure AD B2C directory. While there's potential for more, that's all it does. You want to add the user to a group? Use the portal UI. Want to do group-based authorization? Well, we figured that out a while ago, so here you go Looks like there was a silent upgrade for Azure AD B2C Tenants to a VERY limited version of Microsoft Graph.

Here's hoping this helps somebody!

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