Using Developer Certificates in Linux


Using Developer Certificates in Linux

How to quickly and easily avoid browser errors about your certificates when developing on Linux

Writing code with JetBrains tools on a Linux desktop really is a flex, especially with a low-profile desktop environment like PureOS. It's extremely fast and doesn't come with the lag that comes with trying to do anything on a Windows machine.

That is, until you try running a local web app in your browser, and it blocks your path over your developer certificate.

a browser blocks your path

Depending on your Linux distro there are a lot of different ways that discuss having to install the certificate(s) on your machine. That doesn't seem to be very helpful when it comes to localhost development certificates, which are more or less throwaway certs managed by development tools. Thankfully, you can get around this quickly and easily through the browser by configuring the browser flags.


If you're using Edge or Chrome, go into edge://flags or chrome://flags and look for the Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost flag. Change that setting from Disabled to Enabled, and now your browser will accept your localhost certificates.

It's a simple solution to a problem that's hard to find any answers for, though maybe the AI bots already know this by now (though a quick ask seems to indicate otherwise). In any case, here's where we found the answer:

Hope that helps!

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