Akoma Ntoso available for public preview

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Akoma Ntoso available for public preview

The Akoma Ntoso naming convention and schema from the OASIS LegalDocumentML are available for public preview and comment through May 10. These releases incorporate a number of reponses and improvements to the previous editions published in May 2016.

Akoma Ntoso (“linked hearts” in the Akan language of West Africa) provides a framework for the effective exchange of “machine readable” parliamentary, legislative and judiciary documents such as legislation, debate records, minutes, judgements, etc. In doing so, it helps build a strong foundation for "open access” to government information.

The LegalDocumentML Specifications provide a common legal document standard for the specification of parliamentary, legislative, and judicial documents, for their interchange between institutions anywhere in the world, and for the creation of a common data and metadata model that allows experience, expertise, and tools to be shared and extended by all participating peers, courts, Parliaments, Assemblies, Congresses, and administrative branches of governments. The standard aims to provide a format for long-term storage of and access to parliamentary, legislative and judicial documents that allows search, interpretation, and visualization of documents.

XML schemas are available as well as sample data.

If you're a .NET developer looking for real document storage for LegalDocumentML, we've teamed up with Oracle to provide you Figaro, which you can learn more about here.