Vendor Diversification Planning

Endpoint Systems supports cloud vendor diversification

Make cloud platform vendors work - and compete - for your business!

You wouldn't invest your entire retirement portfolio into a single company - so why would you do that with your business infrastructure?

We've seen it over and over again - many cloud customers, at the behest of their development team, move into a cloud vendor platform such as Amazon, only to find themselves looking wistfully at other vendors with more competitive pricing, and thinking how there's got to be a better way to leverage the cloud. We think there is.

At Endpoint Systems, we strongly believe that vendor diversification is the most beneficial long-term strategy to cost-efficient cloud adoption. As vendors compete to bring the cost of computing down, we want cloud customers taking advantage of these pricing discounts with agility while getting business done.

Competitive cloud pricing drives costs down and that's what we want. But prices won't always go down, and unpleasant pricing or service surprises can come up when you least expect them.

Don't let some one-trick vendor rope your developers into a cloud platform you can't afford. Contact us today for a free consultation!